Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Last of Week (20 Dec - 24 Dec 2010)

So, I continue my internship at Finance Department...I discuss with En Mohd Haizum to collect information for  presentation...Therea are the contents of presentation that I need to present....
6) FLOW  OF  ACCOUNT (Estate)

Then, I learned about the Flow of Account  from MR Lee Soo Fah...And He also explained to me about Wang Tahanan / Wang  Amanah that involved in the  ledgers of accounts...

On Thursday...En Haizum told me that I need to present my presentation  to all staff in Finance Department after the meeting. So, I prepare my slides completely for the presentation....2.30 PM, I entered the meeting room together with all staff... This is the first time I go through the  actual experience in meeting room to discuss about everything involved in Finance Deparment...After meeting ends, it was my turn to nervous!!!!....And this is my first time that I present in front of General Manager in Finance Department.. It was a very valuable experience that I can't forgot...After my presentation finish, he gave me some comments and suggestion to improve my presentation. He also  gave me a certificate and a gift  for appreciate my training in the department...

with Head of Department...En Mohd shahrin bin Ali
On Friday, the last day....I apologize and thankful to all employees in 4 department that I go in exchange for my internship...And  I never forgot them who help me a lot during I finish my internship...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seventh Week ( 13 - 17 Dec 2010)

-          For this week, I  started my internship at Finance Department. I introduced  myself to En Mohd Syahrin Mohd  Ali (Head of Department).  Then, met the En Ramli (Manager of  Estate Accounts) and he gave briefing about the objectives and function of the finance department by En Haizum (Executive of Finance).
-          Learned and studied about RML (Rangkaian Maklumat Ladang) from En Omar Hamzah. He is the one who responsible to control and look over the RML and all the system applied in this company.
-          RML is  a system designed to operate in a computerized, which combines:
1.  Estate Management System (Policy & Regulation States)
 2. Accounting (Information Plantations & Accounting Information)
-          I met En Haizum to ask him about my task in this department. I did not have any knowledge about accounting and finance.  At the same time, I had only short period of time to understand. So, he just gave me the task to discover the general operation of this department. He wants me to show the presentation’s slide to him.

On Friday....I want to thank to Madam Nor Hayati Baharom for being my academic supervisor and came to visit me...I explained to her what I am doing for my internship within 2 months...Thank You so much Madam!!!!!...I really  hope the observation  help  me to get for my excellent marks....=))

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sixth Week (6 - 10 Dec)

-          On Monday, 6 Dec…I  meet En Azmil, Training of Executive in HR. He explained to me about the culture and environment in department of HR.  He  also give a good explanation to me concerned  induction procedures, advancement of position, increase in grade, salary adjustment, annual of  salary increases and disciplinary  action to the  staff in this group company.
-          Tuesday, 7 Dec… Awal Muharam Holiday
-          Wednesday, 8 Dec…I learned about ‘Audit Dalam Kumpulan’ from En Yusof Hashim. Read the some documents like ‘Modul Mesyuarat  Jawatankuasa Audit FPSB’.  I understand about the case and complaints reported in plantations and work place. I just know that Domestic Inquiry (DI) is internal investigations for the violation of the disciplinary code of ethics at work that have been determined by the FPSB company.
-          Thursday, 9 Dec…I acquire the information from En Jonit bin Idris of the salary unit (Transaction Centre) to discuss regarding to  the payroll processing in FPSB in level 2.  
-          The payroll processing apply and use MySAP ERP  and APS (Automated Payment System) from Maybank. So, I can analyze what the  process of the payroll processing. The process such as simulation and release payroll, start payroll, check result & corrections, remuneration statement, exit payroll & posting, sorting & circulation of pay slip.
-          Friday, 10 Dec…Collect information from Pn Suzaidah (Eksekutif Kanan HR). I asked her concerning  what the main of the system in this company adapt for  process of work especially in HR department. She  explain that My SAP  which are ESS and MSS. Then, e-leave for apply leave application and TMS (Time Management System). e-Leave and TMS are link to ESS for user. e-Leave  also apply at HQ and Zone department only.
-          She also discuss that KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to evaluate performance for staff in FPSB.
-          Briefing with Puan Ermy to discussion about the G7 staff.
-          The end of the day, meet to En Amin for discuss what the learning outcomes I got for this week.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fifth Week ( 29 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 )

-          For this week,  I ’m still at Department of Operations on 29 until 30 Dec.
-          I learned about ‘Bahagian Penjagaan Ladang’. So, I met En Yazid bin Hassim to explained me more about how to manage and care of plantations. As I know, this company have 152  plantations to manage. So at HQ (Department of Operation) responsible to look up  the report of  plantations  about  pruning, circle weeding, fertilizer, compost, construction of plant reproduction and nursery development   through the EIS (Executive Information System).  The EIS is for centralized collection system  for staff at HQ. The analyzes about the reports will make to monthly for revision.
-          He gave me  documents for  understand about Standard Operating Procedure (pembajaan di ladang) and Manual Pengawalan Rumpai (Weed Control). He also teach me how to communicate with high level people.
-          Besides that, I study about the system that applied this department. The person that I meet is En Haizal. He teach me  a lot about EIS, ESS and MSS.
-          EIS ( Executive Information System)  EIS System was developed to monitor plantations management based on the concept of  ‘1 Kilang 1 Kawasan’ (1K1K).
-          On 30 Dec, I learned about Unit Bahagian Hasil. So, I met En  Mohd Ikmal Ibrahim to  get explanation  to me what the important task of  Bahagian Hasil. First, regulate the production  of  mature oil for each plantations. Second, produce the report of productions  according to weekly, monthly and yearly. Third, make some analyse  about  the  productions for the future in a certain time. Then,  monitor the data of productions for 152 plantations, for everyday after 9.00 am using EIS (Executive Information System). After that, the data  or information about productions will analyse. If  the key puncher from plantations did  not entry the data, staff from department of operations will take any actions such call the plantations and ask them about their problem why they did not entry the data.  If  the data is not entry the EIS so many days, the staff at HQ will get support from the  Zone side for give the actions for the plantation.
-          On 1 Dec,  I report my self to head of department Human Resources, Pn Rahimah Abd Samad. So, I study about  new environment at HR. First, I learned about the filing through the manual for record the  profile information about staff. Then I am also study about to record or update the claim for treatment and costs from clinic, hospital or  specialist centre.  I was told  by the staff at HR that the claim for the cost of treatment for staff are prepared by company (FPSB). The treatments are from government hospital, hospital/clinic panel and private clinic are 100% assured by company. If the costs of treatment from specialist centre, 80 % are assured by company and 20% are self payment. The self payment also through the Etiqa  Insurance or  salary cut. However,  the limit the costs are RM50,000 for a year.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fourth Week (22 - 26 Nov 2010)

-          I start my internship at Department of Operation, new place after Department of Corporate Service
-          On Monday, 8.15 am. I report myself to Tuan Syed Abdullah bin Syed Hashim (Head of Operation Department).  I interviewed by him and introduced me to Madam Rosleenda (Executive of Operations). So, I explain to her that I start my internship in this department on  22 Nov until 30 Nov 2010.
-          Madam Rosleenda introduced me to her staff at the department.
-          I meet Mr Amris bin Mat (Bahagian Bajet & Kawalan). He explained about budget and control.  He also give me some note to help me a lot to  understand for budget and  control.
-          I’m understand that definitions of budget  is  a plan showing the objectives of the business and how it aims to use its resources, or acquire new resources, to achieve those objectives. This is related to my subject (Project Management) which can I adapt for this company.
-          Mr Amris also told  me budget a very important to plan and control it before over budget happen.
-          Then, I helped staff  to update the questionnaire form for employment research into oil palm plantation 2010 before submit to MPOB.
-          I’m also help En Amir do the warning letter for the troubled plantations after the visit report  of inspectorate was reviewed by CEO.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Third Week (15 - 19 Nov 2010)

For this week, I go through my internship for two days (Monday & Tuesday)....It is because I applied to leave for Hari Raya Aidiladha...So, this week, not so much that I can do...I'm just helped En Rashid to review and correction for stationary file on Nov 2010 for  plantations. I do the corrections if the (debit note, name of plantations, price) have been mistake. So I  will update the data carefully. Then, Mr Anthonious Sani give me some works to update for "Laporan Kemajuan RSPO Projek" at Lepar Utara 5, Lepar Utara 14 and Chemplak Timur. I  finish my work before 5.00 pm....Then, I made leave letter for two days ( Thursday & Friday) to celebrate Aidiladha at my hometown. So,  I give the letter to En Khairemaan Shah for approved...Thanks a lot sir!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Week (8 Nov - 12 Nov 2010)

For this week...I am still in depatment of  corporate service....not much work to do... I helped the staff to arrange their stuff and file..They not finish transfer yet...Ahhh!!!!'s make me so bored...sorry to say...huhuhu....More interesting, I more to observed the culture and environment in this company...I am also learned about people behaviour which I can adapt my subject (organisational and behoviour)....Talk about culture and environment?????.....They are so friendly...with them, I keep smiling...more discipline about punctual....they are known each other...Then, to finish my work, I  collect data and information about head of department at HR department..The executive of HR give me the information completely...but no, how should I complete my work perfectly???? pictures only!!!!, I change my seat to HR for the moment....In HR depatment, once again..many people asked me who I am, where  'U' I from....Simple, just honesty to answer their question....they asked each other, why they did not know have student practical in this  company????...I told them that, I come this company on 1 Nov...The environment in  this office so busy with the transferring....So, the person who responsible to show me the staff and environment cannot did for that...Its work, I transfer the information at my slide in powerpoint...The Executive of HR told me that the information very confidental and private...So, the file of information cannot to out from the that....the information very confidental strictly about their salaries and so on actually.....