Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fourth Week (22 - 26 Nov 2010)

-          I start my internship at Department of Operation, new place after Department of Corporate Service
-          On Monday, 8.15 am. I report myself to Tuan Syed Abdullah bin Syed Hashim (Head of Operation Department).  I interviewed by him and introduced me to Madam Rosleenda (Executive of Operations). So, I explain to her that I start my internship in this department on  22 Nov until 30 Nov 2010.
-          Madam Rosleenda introduced me to her staff at the department.
-          I meet Mr Amris bin Mat (Bahagian Bajet & Kawalan). He explained about budget and control.  He also give me some note to help me a lot to  understand for budget and  control.
-          I’m understand that definitions of budget  is  a plan showing the objectives of the business and how it aims to use its resources, or acquire new resources, to achieve those objectives. This is related to my subject (Project Management) which can I adapt for this company.
-          Mr Amris also told  me budget a very important to plan and control it before over budget happen.
-          Then, I helped staff  to update the questionnaire form for employment research into oil palm plantation 2010 before submit to MPOB.
-          I’m also help En Amir do the warning letter for the troubled plantations after the visit report  of inspectorate was reviewed by CEO.