Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fifth Week ( 29 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 )

-          For this week,  I ’m still at Department of Operations on 29 until 30 Dec.
-          I learned about ‘Bahagian Penjagaan Ladang’. So, I met En Yazid bin Hassim to explained me more about how to manage and care of plantations. As I know, this company have 152  plantations to manage. So at HQ (Department of Operation) responsible to look up  the report of  plantations  about  pruning, circle weeding, fertilizer, compost, construction of plant reproduction and nursery development   through the EIS (Executive Information System).  The EIS is for centralized collection system  for staff at HQ. The analyzes about the reports will make to monthly for revision.
-          He gave me  documents for  understand about Standard Operating Procedure (pembajaan di ladang) and Manual Pengawalan Rumpai (Weed Control). He also teach me how to communicate with high level people.
-          Besides that, I study about the system that applied this department. The person that I meet is En Haizal. He teach me  a lot about EIS, ESS and MSS.
-          EIS ( Executive Information System)  EIS System was developed to monitor plantations management based on the concept of  ‘1 Kilang 1 Kawasan’ (1K1K).
-          On 30 Dec, I learned about Unit Bahagian Hasil. So, I met En  Mohd Ikmal Ibrahim to  get explanation  to me what the important task of  Bahagian Hasil. First, regulate the production  of  mature oil for each plantations. Second, produce the report of productions  according to weekly, monthly and yearly. Third, make some analyse  about  the  productions for the future in a certain time. Then,  monitor the data of productions for 152 plantations, for everyday after 9.00 am using EIS (Executive Information System). After that, the data  or information about productions will analyse. If  the key puncher from plantations did  not entry the data, staff from department of operations will take any actions such call the plantations and ask them about their problem why they did not entry the data.  If  the data is not entry the EIS so many days, the staff at HQ will get support from the  Zone side for give the actions for the plantation.
-          On 1 Dec,  I report my self to head of department Human Resources, Pn Rahimah Abd Samad. So, I study about  new environment at HR. First, I learned about the filing through the manual for record the  profile information about staff. Then I am also study about to record or update the claim for treatment and costs from clinic, hospital or  specialist centre.  I was told  by the staff at HR that the claim for the cost of treatment for staff are prepared by company (FPSB). The treatments are from government hospital, hospital/clinic panel and private clinic are 100% assured by company. If the costs of treatment from specialist centre, 80 % are assured by company and 20% are self payment. The self payment also through the Etiqa  Insurance or  salary cut. However,  the limit the costs are RM50,000 for a year.