Thursday, November 25, 2010

Third Week (15 - 19 Nov 2010)

For this week, I go through my internship for two days (Monday & Tuesday)....It is because I applied to leave for Hari Raya Aidiladha...So, this week, not so much that I can do...I'm just helped En Rashid to review and correction for stationary file on Nov 2010 for  plantations. I do the corrections if the (debit note, name of plantations, price) have been mistake. So I  will update the data carefully. Then, Mr Anthonious Sani give me some works to update for "Laporan Kemajuan RSPO Projek" at Lepar Utara 5, Lepar Utara 14 and Chemplak Timur. I  finish my work before 5.00 pm....Then, I made leave letter for two days ( Thursday & Friday) to celebrate Aidiladha at my hometown. So,  I give the letter to En Khairemaan Shah for approved...Thanks a lot sir!!!!!

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