Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sixth Week (6 - 10 Dec)

-          On Monday, 6 Dec…I  meet En Azmil, Training of Executive in HR. He explained to me about the culture and environment in department of HR.  He  also give a good explanation to me concerned  induction procedures, advancement of position, increase in grade, salary adjustment, annual of  salary increases and disciplinary  action to the  staff in this group company.
-          Tuesday, 7 Dec… Awal Muharam Holiday
-          Wednesday, 8 Dec…I learned about ‘Audit Dalam Kumpulan’ from En Yusof Hashim. Read the some documents like ‘Modul Mesyuarat  Jawatankuasa Audit FPSB’.  I understand about the case and complaints reported in plantations and work place. I just know that Domestic Inquiry (DI) is internal investigations for the violation of the disciplinary code of ethics at work that have been determined by the FPSB company.
-          Thursday, 9 Dec…I acquire the information from En Jonit bin Idris of the salary unit (Transaction Centre) to discuss regarding to  the payroll processing in FPSB in level 2.  
-          The payroll processing apply and use MySAP ERP  and APS (Automated Payment System) from Maybank. So, I can analyze what the  process of the payroll processing. The process such as simulation and release payroll, start payroll, check result & corrections, remuneration statement, exit payroll & posting, sorting & circulation of pay slip.
-          Friday, 10 Dec…Collect information from Pn Suzaidah (Eksekutif Kanan HR). I asked her concerning  what the main of the system in this company adapt for  process of work especially in HR department. She  explain that My SAP  which are ESS and MSS. Then, e-leave for apply leave application and TMS (Time Management System). e-Leave and TMS are link to ESS for user. e-Leave  also apply at HQ and Zone department only.
-          She also discuss that KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to evaluate performance for staff in FPSB.
-          Briefing with Puan Ermy to discussion about the G7 staff.
-          The end of the day, meet to En Amin for discuss what the learning outcomes I got for this week.

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