Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seventh Week ( 13 - 17 Dec 2010)

-          For this week, I  started my internship at Finance Department. I introduced  myself to En Mohd Syahrin Mohd  Ali (Head of Department).  Then, met the En Ramli (Manager of  Estate Accounts) and he gave briefing about the objectives and function of the finance department by En Haizum (Executive of Finance).
-          Learned and studied about RML (Rangkaian Maklumat Ladang) from En Omar Hamzah. He is the one who responsible to control and look over the RML and all the system applied in this company.
-          RML is  a system designed to operate in a computerized, which combines:
1.  Estate Management System (Policy & Regulation States)
 2. Accounting (Information Plantations & Accounting Information)
-          I met En Haizum to ask him about my task in this department. I did not have any knowledge about accounting and finance.  At the same time, I had only short period of time to understand. So, he just gave me the task to discover the general operation of this department. He wants me to show the presentation’s slide to him.

On Friday....I want to thank to Madam Nor Hayati Baharom for being my academic supervisor and came to visit me...I explained to her what I am doing for my internship within 2 months...Thank You so much Madam!!!!!...I really  hope the observation  help  me to get for my excellent marks....=))

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